Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer

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Selected Reviews

" ...heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny. Kirchheimer’s book celebrates the grit and determination of everyday folks who struggle to shape their world into something meaningful.”
Internet Review of Books
" array of entertaining characters [and] a fine pick for fiction fans looking for a laugh."
Midwest Book Review
“A gift for storytelling that will delight readers everywhere. I enjoyed it enormously.”
–Grace Paley
“Like honey and lemon, each page mingles sweet and sour.”
“ ...stories invested with the personal honesty and emotions only one’s family can inspire.”
–Publishers Weekly
In 1986, Manfred Kirchheimer... wrote and produced a documentary film called We Were So Beloved, about the history and present circumstances of the community that raised him. The original [conversations], much condensed for the film, are here reproduced in fuller form, edited and annotated by the filmmaker's wife. These probing interviews... will bring readers as close as memory can to the life in extremis led by Jews in Germany between 1933 and 1945."
–Kirkus Reviews


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